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is committed to serving the producer’s cattle reproduction needs with embryo transfer and artificial insemination programs that are flexible and designed to meet specific needs.

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About Us

Whether your operation is commercial, club calf, or pure bred, our main focus is to increase your herd’s productivity and value through a consultative approach. No doubt with an efficient reproductive plan in place, combined with an adequate nutrition, vaccination, and management program, your herd’s genetics will surely thrive.

With embryo transfer, superior genetics are multiplied. Attention is directed to the collection and processing of top quality embryos for your program, whether it is for immediate transplant or cryopreservation and storage on your farm for use or marketing at a later date. We understand every producer has different needs and expectations, and it our intent to exceed those expectations, every single time. With our mobile lab, all services are available for your convenience right on your farm. This allows the producers to use their own recipient females and keep their donor cows at home, thus reducing stress on the animal, minimizing the bio security hazards, and helping limit the overall cost of the program.

Meet Your Partner

Jarrod Montford formed Montford Cattle Service in 2009. With over 25-years’ experience working with cattle, his passion and career have met. A graduate of Tarleton State University and alumni of the International Embryo Transfer School, Jarrod is dedicated to being your partner in planning reproductive efficiency and effectiveness for your herd.

You really don’t need a bull… If artificial insemination is a fit for your operation, we listen to your priorities and can offer advice on selecting sires targeted specifically with your goals in mind be it calving ease, hefty weight gain, or breeding for replacement heifers or marketable steers. Artificial insemination using conventional or sorted/sexed semen are viable options.

Pregnancy tests at 30-days post breeding helps us maintain efficiency so we know which cows are still open. An open cow does not make money, and it is our goal to make sure you, the producer, are making money with a genetically superior calf crop every single year.


Embryo Transfer

Producers depend on us to optimize their most valuable cows by generating more embryos and pregnancies that will extend the impact of outstanding cattle genetics. The intent is to make your offsprings better with each breeding, flush, and transplant. Our programs are designed to meet producer’s specific needs, offering all our services on your farm. Have lab… Will travel directly to you.


  • Flushing or embryo collections can be performed every 60 days, depending on the donor cow, with an average yield of 5 to 8 viable embryos per flush, but a wide range of results can be expected.
  • Necessary drugs may be obtained from your veterinarian and detailed instructions will be provided by Montford Cattle Service for their use. It is important to follow the calendar and administer the drugs as recommended to insure the best possible results.
  • Embryos may be transferred fresh or frozen (kept in your tank on your farm).
  • Recipient females are synchronized simple and easy under Montford Cattle Service direction and allows you to keep recipients on-farm.

Artificial Insemination

An old rancher once told me, “I have never been able to afford cheap bulls.” With this thought in mind, a 24-month old bull has the same nutritional requirements as two lactating cows. Perhaps AI is great alternative to lower feed and vet bills, all the while having more control over the timing of your calving season. Synchronizing your herd to calve within weeks of each other can mean more profit for you. Conventional as well as sorted/sexed semen are all available. Are you working toward replacement heifers or the next show prospect? With sorted semen we have more control over the sex of your offspring.

Pregnancy Testing

Technology has made testing for viable pregnancies much easier and efficient. With a simple blood test at 30-days post breeding, reproductive efficiency is maximized by knowing which cows are open and which ones are bred.

Frequently Asked Questions

Average cost


Artificial Insemination ResultsFacilities

No doubt there are a variety of facilities and options for the cattlemen, from high dollar prefabricated set ups to t-posts and panels. First and foremost, my responsibility is to keep your cows as well the people assisting safe while performing reproductive procedures. It is preferred to have a sturdy pipe fence for crowding, an alley as well as a head gate to restrain should it become necessary.



Mileage is charged per mile from my house to your cattle each time I visit your property for services.



Vaccinating must be done at least 30-days before synchronizing cows. Vacciations contain a modified or killed virus. Vaccinating “gives” a virus to a cow to trigger a response from her antibodies, causing her white blood cell count to go up. When her white blood cell count goes up, its causes a fever. Cows with a fever do not respond as favorably when this is the case.


Conception Rates

Conception rates are dependent upon many factors, including, but not limited to, cattle management, environment, climates, etc. In a perfect world, one can expect conception rates in the high 80% to low 90% for those seasoned artificial insemination users. First timers’ rates are sometimes lower primarily due to the fact the management aspect of transitioning to AI is often a learning curve. For embryo transfer, conception rates are lower. For direct transfers, we would be pleased with a 70% to 80% rate. For placement of frozen embryos, 50% would be a median expectation. History shows us that conception rates often follow a cycle. One might think they are having a “dry” spell for 2-4 years followed by phenomenal success for a few years. Once again, the factors contributing to premier conception rates are not constant as we cannot control the weather, or Mother Nature’s plan.

Conception Rates vs. Pregnancy Rates

Note that a bull turned out with a herd of cows for 90 days will have four opportunities to breed that cow. When using AI, all four heats would need to be caught to compare natural breeding versus artificial insemination.

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